Throw back Thursday

This is some of my earlier work with dry pastels. I’ve always had a knack for blending colors together, but the thing with pastels, it gets messy. The texture is very similar to pressed charcoal and tends to get dusty as you use them. I’d say with that in mind, it is difficult for me to keep a clean edge in a picture, obviously. Of course, this was before I had discovered that pastel pencils were in existence and hence opened a new door of opportunity and clean edges!

It may seem strange but I have never actually seen Green Lantern. I saw a commercial for the movie five years ago and thought it looked cool. After some internet searching, I found an image I liked and decided to use it as practice. Once the picture was completed, I forgot about the movie. To this day, I still haven’t seen the movie, but still like the picture.

I have a Youtube drawing of the Green Lantern. In the video you can see that I used colored pencil for some of the color and to add to a cleaner look of the drawing. Don’t hate on the low quality of the camera. I still have yet to find a good quality camera with a long battery life and doesn’t cost an unbelievable amount of money. Any suggestions? I would love to hear about them!




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