I have been asked ‘What makes you like drawing so much’ more times than I care to recall. For the longest time, I would answer ‘I don’t know, it’s really calming I suppose.’ It was never really a question that I cared to ask myself or cared to explore my reasons behind why I like drawing. It’s always just been a part of me.

Of course, as we all grow in age, we also grow in wisdom (I like to think that most, if not all, people eventually do learn important things in life). With that comes a remarkable sense of self. It’s really amazing the things you learn about yourself when you take time to truly explore it. After been taught since birth how to learn about everything else in the world, it is quite liberating when you take time for you. After all, you will be with yourself forever.

I took this journey not too long ago and discovered the real answer to that question. It wasn’t a smack in the face when I discovered it either. It came to me one day when I was drawing a picture of a celebrity for practice. I spent so much time looking for a good photo to draw and the one I picked didn’t seem to convey anything special in comparison to the others. Except one detail.


The picture I chose was one that had the star barely smiling and so very calm. Looking at the picture, I knew that was the one to draw, because it had emotion. Obviously, beauty is wonderful and I do use pretty pictures of different famous men and women to practice sketching. But when there is emotion involved, its more adventurous. There is more to be said about a picture that truly does want to tell you a story.

Drawing pictures releases my own emotions. I am able to focus my emotions and energy into my artwork and writing and it frees me. Literally. I wish I could explain how calming it is to sit back and look at a finished drawing and feel peace. I suppose it could be compared to finally accomplishing something that has been put off for too long. To look around, even for a little while, and feel good.

The picture I drew for this post was a bit tricky. It’s hard to make one part of the face the sole focal point to express emotion, but the eyes can do a lot of talking. And if you care to venture through images and art of eyes, most of them are thick with eyelashes and display a sense of mystery and charisma. Well, not every one feels that way and I know I certainly don’t at times. I think most of us spent our lives fighting fears and anger just to find peace and joy. My drawing of eyes are suppose to show fear or anxiety. Do you see it? Or maybe you see something else entirely. They say a picture speaks 1,000 words, but those words aren’t all spoken the same way to people.



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One thought on “Emotional

  1. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing, and great picture! Hope your life is full of more bad than good for the rest of the year! 🙂 And never be afraid to talk about your emotions.


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