I could tell you that running is the perfect exercise for me. I could run for miles and miles and feel like time actually stood still. Tell you that every day, in bright rays of morning, I lace up my shoes and close the door behind me and race off towards the sunrise to try and catch the sun coming over that horizon. My heart beats faster than my feet on the ground and my breath is quick and steady. And that after a long run outside, I come home, out of breath, full of exhilaration and accomplished.

Of course, I can’t actually tell you that any of that is true, in a sense. I do enjoy running thoroughly and I do like to go early in the morning. However I don’t get to go as often as I would like (or more accurately, like I should). And it isn’t the perfect exercise for me. Honestly, swimming is, but like the excuse before, I just don’t go as often as I would like. Running is of course the second best exercise for me and can be done much easier (and free!) compared to swimming.

I do have my daily walks though. Those can be taken with the kids and they enjoy them. Sometimes they get turned into bike rides and we travel further away from home. But overall, I can say that as long as I am outside, I am happy. And though this was a short post, it was mostly the drawing that inspired me to write. I hadn’t gone running in quite some time and I suppose I was missing it, hence, the newest addition to my many, many illustrations.




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