Death by standards

There is some kind of standard in our society that states;

once you are 30, your life is over and you are too old to accomplish anything.

Let’s break down the average person’s life up until 30.

  • 0-2 years old- everyone spends the first couple years of their lives teething (ouch) being fed different textures of food, diaper rash (again, ouch) immunization shots (yet again, ouch) having small things taken from you to save your life, falling down, getting hurt, being smaller than virtually everything else in the world and being terrified of things you don’t understand. Which is pretty much everything
  • 2-5 years old- potty training, learning to use utensils properly, running and falling down because you can’t stop yourself, finding out how loud your voice can actually be, and how to open those pretty colored snack packages that mom keeps up too high
  • 5-10 years old- adapting to learning things you don’t want to learn and trying to make friends with other people
  • 10-18 years old-PUBERTY! (We all remember it) STILL learning how to make friends, learning the things you don’t like and, more importantly, the things you DO like. Dealing with people asking you a million times ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’, figuring out which emotion you are feeling is associated with the physical feeling you are feeling.
  • 18-mid to late 20s- college. job. possible dating. Social traumas. Changing your mind (a lot). Making more mistakes than you ever had before. Finding confidence to be a part of this crazy world. Finding a job. Finding better friends.

Now I KNOW I did not cover everything that an average human goes through before they are 30 because that would make this a very long blog post and I have a feeling I would lose your interest after 0-2 years old.

So with that very general and very small list of things everyone experiences up until they are 30, it seems crazy to think that a 30 year old would have their life together. It’s ridiculous that anyone puts an age number on when they should have their own life figured out. Granted, there are some things that should be established by the age of 30, at the latest, such respect for other humans, boundaries, manners, common sense, etc. But no one should ever feel like 30 is it for them.

Live your life by your own standards and make sure they are good ones. We all need to push ourselves from time to time but only because we are ready to better ourselves and not because society thinks we should. We may be shifting in the times and letting go of this standard, but I know far too many people that won’t say their exact age because its over 30. They look down at the ground when they hint around at how old they are. And there is nothing to be embarrassed of.

So instead of feeding into the standard, celebrate that you made it to 30! Be happy you have had life experiences and learn from your mistakes. Set small goals and large goals that are finished when you say its finished.

Just be you.

This all seems pretty heavy handed for an illustrator to talk about. But I have thoughts, and I felt like putting some thoughts out into the world with the hope that it may help a person or two. After all, shouldn’t we all do what we can to encourage those around us?


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