The taste of foot in mouth

You know that phrase ‘Look before your leap’? If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a word of caution. Don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t make accusations before knowing the facts. Don’t dive head first into something. Don’t make assumptions. You know….the good advice that I just didn’t follow this time to the guy with the toothy smile at the store.

(Scene: I’m in the grocery store in a military town to shop for exactly two items. Orange juice and medicine. Disclosure- I have made my hair in the comic so much cuter than it was in real life. Otherwise, it would look something close to a lion’s mane. )

Man: Um, hey, excuse me.

Me: (without looking at him) I’m married.

Man: (Slight pause) Do you think that you are pretty enough where any guy that approaches you automatically wants to hit on you.

Me: (Instant eye contact) No! But am I not surrounded by a bunch of soldiers and sailors by coming to this store?

Man: I’ll give you that.

Me: Okay then (Yay! Victory! Got ya pal!)

Man: I’ll also tell you that the top of your foot is bleeding.

Me: (Looking down.) Just great

Man: (Walking away now with a smile and hint of laughter) You have a nice night!

The blood was caused by yet another bit of sound advice that I didn’t follow, ‘Don’t scratch a bug bite’ (apparently I was feeling rebellious that day). I had stood there using my other shoe to scratch my bites. Given that I live in what can only be compared to a breeding ground for all insects with vampire like characteristics, it’s a wonder I didn’t cause a gash in my leg from consistent scratching.

So that was fun. Not a very eventful encounter with a stranger but considering its duration, there was enough humor in it that made it worthy of sharing. Maybe if I had been a bit theatrical when seeing the blood, maybe I could’ve had the last laugh.



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