Gene Wilder Tribute Drawing

You know when someone that I didn’t really know personally but admired their work passes away, I always find myself wondering what their life must have been like behind closed doors. Did they have secrets? Did they feel accomplished? Were they actually boring people who only felt alive when they were allowed to pretend to be someone else? Were they happy?…..

It really isn’t my business the answer to those questions, but I am a curious person.

I remember Gene Wilder from watching him in movies when I was a child. And of course, a childhood favorite was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I will never forget the boat scene, I spent a tremendous part of my childhood really thinking that there were boats in candy factories designated to scare the pants off kids who obsessed over candy. Of course, as with a lot of adulthood discoveries, that idea was crushed by a heartless reality.

Thank you Gene for the memories and the wonderful memes that are created with your face with condescending captions with ultimate passive aggressiveness.

Rest in peace my friend,  enjoy the anti gravity room!

Here is the video dedicated to Gene Wilder on YouTube.


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