Precious Moments

Does anyone read the Precious Moments stories anymore? Or color in the coloring books? I know it’s been a long time for me up until the day my husband came home from volunteering at the Salvation Army and handed me the Precious Moments ‘Bible Stories’ and Precious Moments ‘Bedtime Stories’, among other things. I couldn’t believe that he had them in his hand and I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten about those stories.

I used to practice drawing the characters from the stories and the coloring books as a kid. They, Sailor Moon, Mario, Pokémon, Lisa Frank and waterfall scenes dominated my drawing books for a good 4 years of my childhood. If only I had the sense to save them. But since I don’t have a past drawing, I decided to use my experience and wisdom up to this point in my life and draw a new one using watercolor and ink.

This drawing is from the chapter in the ‘Bible Stories’ called ‘Stories of Humility’. I was particularly drawn to this one because I always feel that I am not humble enough or practice enough humility. I believe it’s an important virtue and like any other virtue, it is acquired with experience and time.



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