The oils

A few years ago I was introduced to essential oils and aromatherapy. I instantly loved it. I not only appreciated the scent of them, but the health benefits really are amazing.

At first I used lavender and tea tree for everything, basically because I had no other knowledge of anything else at the time. But lo and behold, as time went on, I learned more and more about oils and it was all through using them and not just reading about them.

Before you say that I am just another ‘hippie’ that got a hold of a blog, just give me a minute. I am not against western medicine. In fact, thanks to that, my youngest child is alive today. When she was two months old she contracted RSV and pneumonia and on Halloween she coughed so hard that she went blue in the face. After her being hooked up to wires and tubes and desat within 24 hours of admission, the literal last thing on my mind was my knowledge of essential oil benefits (which, at that time she was in the hospital, was quite a lot. Not to brag or anything 🙂 ).  I have read articles where people did use natural remedies to and essential oils to take care of illnesses, but all of that was outside of my comfort zone.

I mainly use oils in the diffuser and sometimes to make some DIY projects. I have made bath bombs, chap stick, lotion, soap and laundry detergent. These were all learning projects for me and I really enjoyed using them. I also enjoyed the fact that they were free from the harmful chemicals that are in a lot of commercial products and they are cost effective to make. An added bonus is that most batches are rather large to make, so unless you have a large family at home like I do, then you can store the extra or give out as gifts. And personally, I love homemade gifts.  I do think that the quality of the oils matter also. What’s the point in using oils to the replace harmful chemicals if you are going to just have oils that aren’t pure?

The reason I even touched base on the subject was that I realized I am out of lavender oil and need to order some. I thought up a small sketch to add as the feature image and thought it was cute. Hopefully you do also. So I am off to place my order from the comfort of my flower printed comforter and Star Wars pajama pants!

I woud like to tell you that I am a genius and figured out all of my recipes with essential oils all by myself, but I did not. So I am providing the links below to some of the recipes I have used.

  • For fizzy bath bombs ( I added about twice the amount of oils it recommends to one batch)
  • Lip Balm (made by some awesome ladies!)
  • Laundry detergent (Yet another blog run by a fabulous woman!)
  • Young Living Oils (This is the brand of oils that I use. Using the link allows you sign up for a kit from YL. If you do, then I send you bath bombs in addition to the big kit that you get from your order!)


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