Fall Artist Trading Cards

Most recently I updated my Patreon rewards to include a monthly gift of trading cards that are mailed out to my patrons who support my art.

What are artist trading cards you ask? Well, they are the same as any other trading cards, that have to be the size of a playing card (2.5×3.5 inches), only they are handmade by the artist and traded or given away. These are unique and show off the artist’s style and interest.

These are really fun to make and give me peace. Since they are small, I can take them anywhere and when I have some time to spare,  I can sketch something new on a card.

The cards that are the featured image of today’s post were made on the first actual day of fall and not when social media and Starbucks decided that pumpkin spice lattes were the official autumn equinox. So naturally,  they are fall themed.  But I did make a few more and I’ll include a recap of pictures that have been made this past week in the end of this post.

I used my new set of watercolors and inked them once they dried. I didn’t have my trusty Sakura white gel pen on hand at the time, so I didn’t add my usual highlighting.  But overall I do love them and I’m excited to give them away to my supporters!


Want to be a monthly supporter?  Click here to be taken to my Patreon page to see rewards for my patrons.  Every dollar helps produce more artwork, videos and a cup of tea or coffee (because how else will I get the energy to do this! )

Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel to see pictures in time lapse form!

A few pictures that were posted this week on Instagram:

This lovely lady with all the hair was done almost as soon as my new prismacolor markers came in this week! I’m developing new characters for my youtube videos.


Artist trading card on black textured card stock with the one and only white Sakura gel pen. img_20160926_151835

Emma Swan from Once Upon A Time. I couldn’t sleep so I started binge watching the show and decided to illustrate her.img_20160926_021731


The next two are more trading cards done in watercolors.
























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