After the storm

This weekend hurricane Matthew struck the Bahamas,  Haiti and the USA. Late Friday night it hit southeast Georgia as a category 2. And I was home with my family during this storm.

Thankfully we are safe and sound with minimal damage to the outside.  The structure of our home is untouched.  My husband and I remained calm as much as we could because we have 5 sets of little eyes that not only watch our every move, but they mimic it, also.  All in all,  with us staying on top of the storm through reliable news network and the hurricane center, our well stocked home of supplies and enough hugs for each other, it was a hurricane that the kids won’t soon forget.

But now here we are.  Somewhat flooded back yard, fence panel broken down and two dogs that won’t stay put.  My husband and I did yard work and kept the kids busy with chores as well.  He took the kids and left in search of an opened hardware store and I went back to work.  I printed off my flower stickers for the holiday vendor fair that has started and currently getting a new youtube video together (finally).


Aren’t they pretty?! This is my first time turning my artwork into stickers and I couldn’t be happier. I am looking for more ways make my artwork more portable and practical. I still like to make original pieces for wall art, but I like people to be able to express themselves in more than just a picture on the wall.

Here is an update on the latest Instagram photos for this week:

Day 2: Noise. My child’s annoying toys inspired this drawing. I would actually prefer a real trumpet to this plastic toy kazoo.


Day 3: Collect. I love the ocean and I have lived near the ocean most of my life and collecting seashells has become a part of my life. If you don’t believe me, check out all of the shells that are in my car, home, husband’s side of the closet, etc.


Day 4: Hungry. I love this picture. Again my kids inspire my art with this. When I bake cookies (one of the few things I can actually bake), my kids love to help mix, eat the batter and devour every cookie. A couple of my kids are still short enough to just stare over the counter at the cookies. Its so cute and sometimes I make cookies just to see their cute faces watching them cool down enough for them to have one.


Day 5: Sad. I dipped into Precious Moments for inspiration for this drawing. I love their style for little kids and their art work.


Day 6&7: (feature image of this article) Hidden & Lost. So I was prepping for the hurricane on day 6 and couldn’t get to the actual drawing. So I combined it with day 7 which actually worked out pretty well. It describes a possible outcome from a natural disaster. “Hidden under a branch is a lost teddy bear weathering the storm waiting for its owner to find him.”


Day 8: Rock. I love waterfalls and remember drawing them so much when I was a kid. I can recall quite vividly drawing on the paper so hard with my pencil so the shadows were dark enough and smudging the pencil marks all over the paper. It didn’t matter to me then though. I was just happy to have a drawing of my own. Note to self: Remember younger self’s happiness with any and all artwork done.



Thank you for coming by! I will be posting my finished YouTube video soon also!








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