New coloring book out!

(Some of you that have been following me may notice that I had a previous coloring book with a similar cover. I had to change the title from the previous ones and in order to do that, the ISBN has to change and so on and so on. So this is like a new edition with fewer images. For those of you who bought the first one, thank you very much and congrats! You literally own a one of a kind because it won’t ever be reprinted again! Woo!)

I have published a new coloring book that has made its way to! I used the Zentangle technique to make full one sided pages with different designs and nature scenes! These can be seen on my Etsy shop also, although, my shop offers more images than the book!

I would like to say a be thank you to my patrons on for their continued support. Without the help, I wouldn’t be able to continue working on my art work!

Scroll down to see some pages from the book

Be sure to check out the new book and I will be back on Saturday! Bye!

Click here to be taken to the coloring book!

Want to check out the images or just want one to print off and color? Come over to my Etsy shop!

Supporting artists you love means the world to them.  Even as little as a dollar a month, takes the artist a little bit further in their techniques! Click here to help support me with my art journey!



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