The pressure is off!

So as you know, I took up the inktober challenge this month and have been doing updates on the inking and other pieces of artwork that I have. Well, I stopped with the daily challenge. And to be honest, I don’t regret it at all.

With 5 kids, post hurricane clean up, squeezing in moments with my husband in between his two jobs and my schedule, a daily challenge wasn’t exactly on the top of my priority list. When I started it, I wanted to use it as a way for me to stick with my art and to keep at it and I can confidently say that it served its purpose. Not to say that I have miraculously become a better illustrator, person, wife, and mother that I could become in less than two weeks, but I have seen things in a different perspective and was kind of thrown into a better life for it.

There is much to this post today. I am in the middle of a second coloring book and its going to be a blast! So this is short, yes, but you taking time to read it has made my day!

Take care sweet readers.

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The flowers are the last set of the flower sticker pack I have for the fall festivals this year. Once all the chaos has died down a bit, I will be adding them to my shop!






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3 thoughts on “The pressure is off!

    1. Inktober was started by Jake Parker as a way to challenge himself by posting an inked illustration everyday for the month of October. Since then, artists everywhere take up the challenge themselves by posting daily or even weekly drawings for Inktober!

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