What it means to support the artist

This past week I tabled at a local school for a fall festival and a friend of mine tagged along with me to sell a few of her things and to get a feel for what it’s like to sell hand made goods. I love the idea of having vendor fairs and selling home made and home grown items to people who can appreciate it. But it wasn’t until this small event and my friend showing up that I realized something much deeper than what I was doing.

She showed up, rushed from an unforgiving schedule, tired from lack of sleep due to working her fingers to the bone to bring some stuff to the fair, nervous like all the rest of us were the first time we tabled an event, and also determined, believing that her work wasn’t a total waste of time.

Seeing her showed me what I go through. Everything that she felt, I had felt and was feeling. Regardless of the amount of prepping I put into an event, every emotion of the rainbow is pouring out of my ears. But alas, I must remain steadfast and push forward, even when it’s not easy.

When you buy from someone like us, someone that puts themselves out there with a product, and says, ‘trust me, you’ll  love this the way I do’, you aren’t just supporting us financially. While of course that is more than appreciated and definitely helps make this lifestyle easier, there is a little more to it than money. You are connecting with them. Somehow, they impacted your life enough for you to say, ‘yes, I need this and I want it from you.’ No doubt you could virtually find anything from any bigger company and maybe pay less and it’ll be of lower quality, but it’s just not as personable.

I know for me, it’s a thrill when someone wants to buy my artwork. My artwork says something about me in some way or another and of everything else in the world, something of mine stood out if only to me person. It’s a good feeling, one of the best actually.

I encourage you to look a little deeper the next time you see some vendors at a festival or fair. See how personable something is and you’ll have a new appreciation for it. Talk to its maker and hear the story behind it, if there is one.

If you’ve been going back and forth with the idea of selling something on your own, try it. It’s scary and difficult and endless, but if you find the passion for it, all the rest won’t matter. There is an audience for everything and you can find yours.

With all that said, I had a blast with her and we both sold our stuff. So it was a win. Between that, my second coloring book being in the proofing stage, and the joys of mothering and wifing first, I am wore out. Halloween weekend doesn’t help either with kids that want to visit every event in a 30 mile radius that consists or candy and costumes,but it is what it is. Since I’ve met my YouTube video obligation this week, I am choosing to use my time wisely and sit by a bon fire with my husband and relax.



Here is a recap of some drawings from this past week. If you haven’t already watched my YouTube channel, please do so and be sure to subscribe. I have coloring demos for the free coloring pages and character designs. So fun for the whole family! Check out my first coloring book “Fun for Hours” on amazon!



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