The anti-swear word coloring book

You know those coloring books that are full of profanity and flowers? They are pretty popular right now in the adult coloring book world. As much fun as it is to color a swear word that is flawlessly decorated in pretty decorations, it’s not so fun to color it with the innocent eyes of my children sounding the words out and then listening to their sweet voice utter such ‘sailor- like’ language. So I decided to do a twist on those books and create the ‘anti-swear word’ coloring book for those who of us that need to get some anger out in a less vulgar way!

This book contains over 20 hand drawn pages with phrases like ‘Shiitake Mushroom’ ‘Blast’ ‘Shut the front door’ ‘Aww nuts’ ‘Mother Father’ and more! Each page has different fonts and creative backgrounds!

Get your copy today on Amazon or directly from my Createspace store!


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