The Barter System

Last night I tabled my last event of the year. Usually I do about 3 or 4 and this year I planned on only one. But one of my good friends (the one that set up with me on my last one) asked if I wanted to tag along and of course I did. And I’ll tell you now, not only did I get what I needed, I had a blast!

First it was chilly and windy and where I live and it didn’t start until 5pm which meant the temperature was just going to go down further. We were set up next to a store entrance with the sun setting behind us and twinkling lights above us. I had a whole table equipped with a beautiful white table cloth set up for my coloring books, wooden signs and sticker packs. Once everything was in place I was ready to rock.

Throughout the event, I spoke with other vendors, met with some great people and talked about my publishing journey. I kept telling myself that I needed to sell enough to give my kids money for secret Santa tomorrow and that it was my main goal. So in my head I was hoping everyone would buy at least one thing.

My husband showed up with the kids and brought my friend and I coffee and had the kids take a look around. They visited with Santa, had cookies and juice and found things they loved from other vendors. They kept telling us how much they wanted all these things and how wonderful they were. I eventually had to explain that buying things for yourself before Christmas isn’t a good idea and they are going to get stuff the next day for secret Santa. They handled it well and were so sweet about it and way more mature than I expected. While they were at my table, a vendor from the booth my kids were just at had loaded up a bag of all the things they wanted and told my husband to use the gifts for their secret Santa. My friend also bartered with me for a dress she made for a coloring book of mine and a sign. After the few things I sold, I had the perfect amount of money to cover a gift for the baby that we still needed.

My goal was accomplished and not in the way I planned. I couldn’t believe it to tell you the truth. I felt so blessed and amused, my prayers were answered. I ended up giving the lady that packed the kids gifts up one of my coloring books and told her thank you. I hugged my friend and I packed up all my things. Sitting in the car on the way home I was holding my husband’s hand and listening to Christmas music on the radio. I’m really glad that I participated in this event and learned a lot about people and the gift of giving.

Little things help others go a long way. You may not see the impact of your actions, but I’m here to tell you, that on the receiving end of it this time, my kids are going to be beyond happy this year.

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