Colored Pencil Hair Tutorial

So I uploaded my first tutorial on YouTube this week. I was a little nervous doing it because I don’t have professional training in art and I am mostly self taught. And its intimidating because of the vast number of tutorials that already exist on the internet and especially sites like YouTube. It was almost pointless to me but I still wanted to do it and share something with the world and hopefully encourage someone to maybe give it a try and even comment on the video with some extra suggestions to help make us all better artists.

So if you want some of my own personal tips that I have collected over the years then check out the video link. These are from my own learning from books, videos and of course, practice. Let me know if you liked it or if it helped!

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Illustrator and comic artist sharing art travels and story updates!

2 thoughts on “Colored Pencil Hair Tutorial

  1. I believe you are Capable of anything you heat desires. Think positive, your YouTube channel could be number 1# one day. Just put the effort in and keep going. Without progress you get nothing.


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