InkTober Update – learning and finishing up

InkTober is over its halfway mark and I have learned some new things not only about inking, but about my style of art and attempting a monthly drawing challenge.

First off, inking is something I am realizing I am enjoying and more than I anticipated. Knowing the kind of artist I want to be, I was pretty nervous to take this particular challenge on and to study this medium. I can recall back when I was in middle and high school always having sharpie markers on me, especially a black one. I loved drawing on my hands and arms with cool designs and would even get requests from peers to do the same. Without realizing it, those doodles were the start to my inking knowledge.

Second, doing something for 30 days comes with an unmistakable lull in the middle of it. In the beginning I was going full force, with the resolve of getting my story and illustrations out, building my following and becoming more of the artist I wanted to through scheduled practice. When I started, I knew the daily drawings weren’t going to be a difficult task because I do that anyway, but the daily uploads would be. Editing a video even without a voice over takes a while and the production and upload time take longer. Around a week ago, I felt that lull and I knew I needed to get out of it. I didn’t want to get discouraged right at the end of this drawing challenge so I stopped and reevaluate my reasoning. Why bother with this particular drawing challenge? Why not just draw and upload everyday with out any other specifications? To answer that I needed meant I had to take out the difficulties of what I was currently facing at the moment and think about what I wanted to get out of this. Soon, it was very clear why I not only wanted to, but needed to do this particular challenge. I want to be an illustrator or graphic novelist and wanted my style of art to involve ink.

Lastly, I am a story teller. I have blogged about this before and explained why I like writing and illustration. But the more I think about it, I understand why I enjoy this trait of mine. Like many other illustrators, its just way of talking without actually doing that. It’s a way for me to give my audience a glimpse into my kind of world and to hear what they felt from it. It has been a long tie coming for me to get to this point. For so many years I would take on portrait commissions, draw nature studies, draw characters with no real background or purpose, doodle with no direction, etc. and wonder why I never felt like my art was going anywhere. I then started on fan art and tried to give any image a new look instead of just copying it straight from a picture. I would add some elements of the fanart in one picture like a collage and that started to satisfy me more than doing random art. It still wasn’t exactly what I wanted though. It took some more effort and self reflecting to find that I enjoy coming up with characters and story lines. Even though I am not at the level I desire, I feel confident about the direction I am going in and the imperfections and struggles I have now with my style are just motivators to be better.

With 8 days left of InkTober, I am still determined to finish out the month with daily drawings and uploads on my Youtube channel. I also hope to find more in this journey of mine and push myself to do better from here on out.

I have included some of the newer videos I posted. I know the last ones I posted were days 3&4 drawings. So here are some after that, but not all. I have a playlist on my channel that you can watch all the drawings done for this month.

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