New Website Look + Updates

Hey all,

I know I don’t post on here as often I used to, I apologize for that. But there is a reason, and its a great one! I have been progressing my art so much that I have been picked up for a comic book for an author, character design artist for a second author and I am in the middle of developing a graphic novel with my Inktober characters from 2017! I will post updates when they come so those of you who only follow me on here can remain in the loop. I really appreciate your continued support and look forward to having you along with this journey.

And now for Updates!

I have already mentioned my current freelance work and my biggest project so I won’t repeat those now. Other updates are:

  • I have a Ko-Fi page set up for those who want to buy me a cup of coffee to keep fueling the ‘art fire’
  • I opened a Redbubble page for my smaller pieces so you can have my art on pillows, journals, phone cases, shirts and more!
  • My Youtube channel has hit over 1,000 subs and continuing to grow! I post updates on my videos also, so make sure you are subscribed to know the latest news!
  • I am launching a new art book called “It’s Just Us”. It’s about people and animals sharing a bond and pretty much hanging together! I am going through Indie Go-Go and will post the campaign next month!
  • I have been keeping up with my 365 daily drawing challenge on Instagram!
  • My Patreon has been updated to for those who want to support my art work to have full access to my patron only feed starting at just 1$! That feed includes sketches and concept art, behind the scenes, first look at pictures of videos, event updates, live streams and more. The only other reward tier is a patron exclusive monthly print you can get! I am keep that simple to make sure I don’t fall behind on rewards.

That’s it for now! Thank you guys so much for following along and I will be back soon!!

Check out my Stranger Things fan art! Has over 2.4k hits already!


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Illustrator and comic artist sharing art travels and story updates!

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