Too much social media

One thing I value most is time. And one thing that takes up a lot of that is social media. I’m not even talking about personal social media that I use for to connect my friends and family. I’m referring to my social media for my art. Right now I have the following platforms for my artwork:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Website
  • Patreon
  • Deviantart
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

I honestly believe that I’m missing at least one other.  But right now, that’s what I know I have going on now.  And you’re right, that’s so many platforms/accounts.

So I researched which accounts were actually getting me traction and having influence on the internet world. So because of that, the following platforms will be all I have:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Patreon
  • LinkedIn
  • Website (this blog)
  • Webtoon (webcomic platform)

If you follow me on Google+ you may see the upload notification from my YouTube channel but I won’t be active on it.

Limiting my social media presence will allow me to focus in on the platforms that are working for me and my audience. It will also free up some very limited time I get to spend on my art, which makes me very excited!

If you are following me on any of the media platforms that will no longer be on, I want to thank you for your support. I really do appreciate it, regardless of what the analytics say. I don’t want this to look like I am ungrateful for any fan anywhere, this is just a way for me to improve on my art and give myself more time in my day.


Here are the links where you can follow me other than this website. It will take me about a week to let everyone know on my soon to be deleted platforms before they are permanently gone.





I still have my donation Ko-fi platform open also if you would like to support this blog/artwork. My patrons on Patreon will also get to read the webcomic before anyone else starting at the 1$ tier. They also get first dibs on requests for future art prints!



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