Self sabotage-Art Edition

I have realized that I have been sabotaging myself, more particularly my art, by not getting out of “try mode”. What I mean by that is, at some point, past Madelyn wanted to try a new technique with her watercolor and ink. And when she did, she was having so much fun that she kept using it, even on important projects. Well, because I didn’t find ways to perfect new said technique, I remained in the beginning phase of it and my art slowly started looking sloppy.
Well, thanks to my delayed realization, I am now getting back to creating art the way that works for me without forgetting the new things I learned from the new technique (which by the way was just applying watercolors first and then inking, nothing revolutionary)

Basically, from now on, or at least most of the time, I will have a lineart down with micron pen before I paint or color with any other medium. This really does help me stay on track with the coloring process. And what will change or improve will be in the end of each piece, I will ink in the darkest shadows and any other details I missed. That is what has been working for me before and I will continue to use that technique with the hope of improving as I go and not trying to relearn something all together.

In the meantime, enjoy this sketch of Storm from Xmen. She’s so beautuful.

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