My webcomic, Metropelis, is back!

I am so happy to say that I have finally posted the first 2 pages to Metropelis on Tapas! While I wish it were 5 pages, and at first it was, I am glad that it’s finally back in full swing! I will be uploading at least once a week, my goal is to have 2 new pages a week, but with convention season upon us, that may be a stretch. Of course, there is the option of working on the comic and other illustrations full time from home (yes please!), but until then, I will be stretching myself pretty thin getting inventory together and comic pages done. But hey, that’s what this is like and it’ll be okay.

So what happened to the supposed other 3 pages? Simple. I redrew those 5 pages over and over and over! I wanted this to be completely digital and if you don’t already know, I am a newbie digi-artist (is that how the cool kids say it?) and a bit hard on myself. So the first full color was fine, until I discovered that you can change the line art. So I started on round 2. Then I discovered that the opacity can be changed on both the brush and the layer! And so I began round 3.

You get the picture. I pretty much forgot what number redraw the actual posted pages are but I am happy with them even though they aren’t quite in the style I wanted. But that’s also the beauty of comics, you can see the artist’s improvement over time.

So if you want to read the comic ( I would so love that) and sub to it, just click on it here. I am very excited to get this story fully written. I do plan on making it to Webtoons, but because of their format, it makes it a bit difficult to post on there properly. I think in the end, it would be easier to hire someone to do that work for me.






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