Fun drawings

I have been working on so many projects lately that I’ve noticed myself getting really stressed about perfectionism.  Seems to be an enemy of mine when it comes to the things I care about.  So to shake myself from it,  I started doing these selfie doodles.  At first I was using markers, but after all the inktober drawings,  I felt rusty.  So I stuck to what is comfortable for me right now and made the most recent one a black and white sketch.

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My First Zine!

I have put together an IndieGoGo campaign for my Inktober zine and would love for you all to head over to take a look! This is my very first zine I will be publishing and I had to come up some really cool perks to add top it! I’m so excited to get this going!

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InkTober Days 3-6

I have 3 days for you guys to catch up on! Also, I’m holding a giveaway on my Instagram! Make sure you head over there to see the wonderful goodies I have! Thank you all so much for your support!

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Day 3 Roasted

Day 4 spell

Day 5 Chicken

Day 6 Drooling

InkTober Day 2

Today’s prompt is Tranquil and I knew exactly what I wanted to include in this drawing. I didn’t expect it to speak to me the way it did. I talk more about it in today’s video!


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Inktober is here!

Let the drawings (and videos!) begin!! I have posted today’s video on my channel! I also talk about my inktober plans and about the drawing itself!
Day 1 Poisonous

Handmade Canvas Bookmarks

I have recently started adding canvas bookmarks to my Etsy shop! I also have a few originals and custom sketchbook covers.

I have always wanted to design bookmarks but I didn’t want to print them or have them printed. I wanted something really unique and fun. So after looking around my art room for some ideas, I found some canvas and came up with this idea.

All the bookmarks are handpainted and inked. I also add in the eyelet and tassle to really help bring the look together. And they are also pretty big! I love that they can be used for ornamental purposes as well!

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Self sabotage-Art Edition

I have realized that I have been sabotaging myself, more particularly my art, by not getting out of “try mode”. What I mean by that is, at some point, past Madelyn wanted to try a new technique with her watercolor and ink. And when she did, she was having so much fun that she kept using it, even on important projects. Well, because I didn’t find ways to perfect new said technique, I remained in the beginning phase of it and my art slowly started looking sloppy.
Well, thanks to my delayed realization, I am now getting back to creating art the way that works for me without forgetting the new things I learned from the new technique (which by the way was just applying watercolors first and then inking, nothing revolutionary)

Basically, from now on, or at least most of the time, I will have a lineart down with micron pen before I paint or color with any other medium. This really does help me stay on track with the coloring process. And what will change or improve will be in the end of each piece, I will ink in the darkest shadows and any other details I missed. That is what has been working for me before and I will continue to use that technique with the hope of improving as I go and not trying to relearn something all together.

In the meantime, enjoy this sketch of Storm from Xmen. She’s so beautuful.

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Too much social media

One thing I value most is time. And one thing that takes up a lot of that is social media. I’m not even talking about personal social media that I use for to connect my friends and family. I’m referring to my social media for my art. Right now I have the following platforms for my artwork:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Website
  • Patreon
  • Deviantart
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

I honestly believe that I’m missing at least one other.  But right now, that’s what I know I have going on now.  And you’re right, that’s so many platforms/accounts.

So I researched which accounts were actually getting me traction and having influence on the internet world. So because of that, the following platforms will be all I have:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Patreon
  • LinkedIn
  • Website (this blog)
  • Webtoon (webcomic platform)

If you follow me on Google+ you may see the upload notification from my YouTube channel but I won’t be active on it.

Limiting my social media presence will allow me to focus in on the platforms that are working for me and my audience. It will also free up some very limited time I get to spend on my art, which makes me very excited!

If you are following me on any of the media platforms that will no longer be on, I want to thank you for your support. I really do appreciate it, regardless of what the analytics say. I don’t want this to look like I am ungrateful for any fan anywhere, this is just a way for me to improve on my art and give myself more time in my day.


Here are the links where you can follow me other than this website. It will take me about a week to let everyone know on my soon to be deleted platforms before they are permanently gone.





I still have my donation Ko-fi platform open also if you would like to support this blog/artwork. My patrons on Patreon will also get to read the webcomic before anyone else starting at the 1$ tier. They also get first dibs on requests for future art prints!


Oh… digital art..

I have mentioned several times in the last month that I will be publishing a webcomic. Originally it was supposed to go on but I have since changed my mind on that because the layout wasn’t something I cared for. Of course, maybe one day I’ll change my mind but for now I will publish right here on my own site.

I have worked on this web story for about 2 months now and it’s going great. I’m feeling confident in story line, character development,  setting, etc. and the only thing left to do is the artwork. Well, that’s lucky considering I’m an artist. But, I’m also an over thinker and thanks to my brain and unnecessary anxiety, I sent myself down a path of self destruction and almost gave up on this project.


Looking at all the successful comics out there I noticed one thing, they were almost all done digitally. From sketching to coloring, start to finish, it’s all done digitally. No big deal, I’ll study and watch tutorials everyday and improve on my digital art knowledge. And I did just that. I improved my knowledge of digital art, just not my skill.

Oh, the wasted hours. And i do mean wasted. Because everytime i sat down to practice another new digital art technique, I dreaded it. I wasn’t excited even though I tried to be. It’s like trying a food you know you don’t like but maybe after a few years of not eating it, you’ve changed your mind about it. But then you’re disappointed again and are left with that horrible taste in your mouth and a pang of frustration.


That’s digital art for me.

I want to so badly like digital art and I really think in time, I will.  But because I’ve put so much pressure on myself now to finish projects, I can’t spend the necessary time and enjoyment to learning the medium.  And I hate just sitting in front of a screen with a drawing tablet feeling lost and defeated.


So I have decided to stick with what I know and ink and color my comics traditionally.  The artwork is still good and I will enjoy the process.  Especially since I won’t be comparing my digital comic to someone else with a total different style.  But that doesn’t mean i’m giving up on digital art all together.

Even though I can’t really stand it,  i’m still going to practice digital art, just on a much smaller scale. Like my phone.  I am using the sketch app and a stylus to practice small doodles like the one I posted in this blog entry today.  I’m not allowing myself to compare it to others (although I want to) and instead just going for it and seeing the outcome.

I will also add that I have a new found respect for digital artists. Not that I didn’t before, but now I can have an idea of what you guys actually have to do to get your art done.

My webcomic will be posted Tuesday and I’ll be updating my Instagram stories all weekend to show progress of the pages!

Do you put unrealistic expectations on yourself?  (I can’t be the only one!) What did you do to get past it?


Post apocalyptic sailor jupiter!

One of my absolute favorite genres is post apocalyptic fiction. I love the idea of survival in a dystopian world.  So naturally, I am trying to make that the center of my art and I decided to create a fan art series of post apocalyptic sailor scouts. The first one I drew was sailor Jupiter. I’ve always loved her move and i wanted to try out the lightning effect.

What do you think and who would you like to see next?