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I have recently posted a custom cover sketchbook on my Etsy store and will be posting more sketchbook and bookmarks by the end of this month! Now is a great time to favorite my store and follow me on Instagram because the whole month of July I will be having a store wide discount!! All purchases will also come with a free sticker! All the sites are listed below!

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Recent sketchbook cover posted, click here to get this one of a kind sketchbook!


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2 weeks left

I have 2 weeks left in my first kickstarter campaign! I went from 11% to 20% in one week but I still need your help! Raising the other 80% in 14 days really seems like a stretch, but I truly believe I can do it! I will posting images of the pins soon as an update also! Ive already started showing off the amazing stickers! I will post the prints as well once they are all packaged! Here is the link so you can help see my campaign through with me! Thanks so much for the support!



My first Kickstarter, now what?

Well, I’ve finally done it. I created a kickstarter campaign to help myself build an inventory and also make cool products for others to buy. I’ve been contemplateling this for months with so many thoughts and apprehensions. I read so many stories, both successful and not. I did mathematical research and product research and had to really evaluate what I could put out as a creator that would stand out to someone to want to buy it. So what made me finally get my butt in gear and take this chance?

Well, because I needed this risk. I needed this chance to see what I can do with where I’m at. I’ll admit, when you read kickstarter’s “all or nothing” policy, it can get to your head if you allow it. That phrased messed with me for a while. It made me think that this was it for me and if I don’t get funded, then what would I have left. But I put those irrational emotions aside and started to think logically. If this doesn’t work out, it will be okay. Its not another failure. It is a lesson though and it’s one that I’ve already started to learn from.

Creating this project with a limited following is a pretty big leap. But I believe in my artwork and in myself. I have a set goal I am trying to achieve and I will do what I need to in order to reach it. At this point,  I have 3 backers in 48 hours.  That’s huge to me and I have every bit of hope that I will reach my goal.

So for now,  I Am feeling rather confident and excited for this project.  Stay tuned for an update on whether that changes (let’s hope not).

Here’s the link so you can also check it out, pledge and help spread the word!


Drawing for over 24 hours- what I learned

Recently I decided to do a 24 hour drawing challenge. As if that wasn’t enough, I also decided to record as much of the drawing/ coloring process, leaving much of the sketching off camera. As with most challenges, lessons were learned. Such as, editing 18+ hours of footage, is no walk in the park. Hats off to independent film makers.

The first thing I learned was that when I am given the time to dedicate to art, I take it and run with it. I have a busy home life with 6 kids and educating them with my husband, it can be quite difficult to have time to follow my art path. But I do have to support from my husband, more than I can explain. Once I told him I was ready for this challenge, he helped me to plan for it, He took care of the kids the whole day (nothing new to him) and gave me the precious gift of time. So when I have dedicated time, I not only use it wisely, but I really do cherish it.

Another lesson learned is that I really should take longer with warm up drawings. I usually draw or sketch for about half an hour before starting on major projects or commissions. But I know that if I don’t take more time with  warm up drawings, I rush through real work, which can lead to mistakes and sloppiness.

Something I learned with coloring- watercolors are going to be my best bet. I love markers, I really do, and they are great for some of the work I do. But they also take a very long time to color with and can cost me more money than I am making. I have a fondest for watercolors that I need to embrace rather than put on the back burner.

Speaking of embracing, not once during this whole challenge did I allow myself to ink the drawings the way I normally like to. Heavy black ink on the shadows and lots of hatching and not quite outlining every bit of the character. Why didn’t I do this? I have no answer other than, I was too focused on just completing the challenge and not fully using it to my advantage or to develop art skills.

116_2808(example of my inking)

Lastly, I learned that I want to so badly make graphic novels. I originally wanted to use this challenge to work on my graphic novel but couldn’t because of a last minute commission I took, I talk more about that in the video. But my love for story telling and art is so strong that when I don’t get the chance to work on my story, I don’t feel as accomplished.

So that’s what I am expecting of myself from now on. More stories. More art. Only time will tell how many novels I get out in my lifetime. Maybe I get picked up my a publisher, maybe I stick with self publishing, but either way, it will be done. I will of course keep you updated on progress. So if you like adventure stories and sequential art, you’ve come to the right artist.

Thanks for coming by, you can enjoy the video below!


I’m Hosting a Giveaway!

Check out my shop updates video to learn about how you can win one of three prizes that I am giving away!


New Website Look + Updates

Hey all,

I know I don’t post on here as often I used to, I apologize for that. But there is a reason, and its a great one! I have been progressing my art so much that I have been picked up for a comic book for an author, character design artist for a second author and I am in the middle of developing a graphic novel with my Inktober characters from 2017! I will post updates when they come so those of you who only follow me on here can remain in the loop. I really appreciate your continued support and look forward to having you along with this journey.

And now for Updates!

I have already mentioned my current freelance work and my biggest project so I won’t repeat those now. Other updates are:

  • I have a Ko-Fi page set up for those who want to buy me a cup of coffee to keep fueling the ‘art fire’
  • I opened a Redbubble page for my smaller pieces so you can have my art on pillows, journals, phone cases, shirts and more!
  • My Youtube channel has hit over 1,000 subs and continuing to grow! I post updates on my videos also, so make sure you are subscribed to know the latest news!
  • I am launching a new art book called “It’s Just Us”. It’s about people and animals sharing a bond and pretty much hanging together! I am going through Indie Go-Go and will post the campaign next month!
  • I have been keeping up with my 365 daily drawing challenge on Instagram!
  • My Patreon has been updated to for those who want to support my art work to have full access to my patron only feed starting at just 1$! That feed includes sketches and concept art, behind the scenes, first look at pictures of videos, event updates, live streams and more. The only other reward tier is a patron exclusive monthly print you can get! I am keep that simple to make sure I don’t fall behind on rewards.

That’s it for now! Thank you guys so much for following along and I will be back soon!!

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“Dragon Lady” Series

I have started a mini series on my YouTube channel about dragons! The first part is called the “Dragon Ladies” and I have listed all four of the videos below. I am working on the second part called “Dragon Gentlemen”, which will be uploaded next month. I am very excited to work on these and I am planning on turning the whole series into a zine and posting it in my shop.
Hope you enjoy the videos!

Paranoid dragon

Protector dragon

Playful (and slightly annoying) dragon

Sleeping Dragon