Handmade Canvas Bookmarks

I have recently started adding canvas bookmarks to my Etsy shop! I also have a few originals and custom sketchbook covers.

I have always wanted to design bookmarks but I didn’t want to print them or have them printed. I wanted something really unique and fun. So after looking around my art room for some ideas, I found some canvas and came up with this idea.

All the bookmarks are handpainted and inked. I also add in the eyelet and tassle to really help bring the look together. And they are also pretty big! I love that they can be used for ornamental purposes as well!

Click here for my Etsy shop and here to check out my Instagram, where I post these bookmarks as they’re finished!


Too much social media

One thing I value most is time. And one thing that takes up a lot of that is social media. I’m not even talking about personal social media that I use for to connect my friends and family. I’m referring to my social media for my art. Right now I have the following platforms for my artwork:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Website
  • Patreon
  • Deviantart
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

I honestly believe that I’m missing at least one other.  But right now, that’s what I know I have going on now.  And you’re right, that’s so many platforms/accounts.

So I researched which accounts were actually getting me traction and having influence on the internet world. So because of that, the following platforms will be all I have:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Patreon
  • LinkedIn
  • Website (this blog)
  • Webtoon (webcomic platform)

If you follow me on Google+ you may see the upload notification from my YouTube channel but I won’t be active on it.

Limiting my social media presence will allow me to focus in on the platforms that are working for me and my audience. It will also free up some very limited time I get to spend on my art, which makes me very excited!

If you are following me on any of the media platforms that will no longer be on, I want to thank you for your support. I really do appreciate it, regardless of what the analytics say. I don’t want this to look like I am ungrateful for any fan anywhere, this is just a way for me to improve on my art and give myself more time in my day.


Here are the links where you can follow me other than this website. It will take me about a week to let everyone know on my soon to be deleted platforms before they are permanently gone.





I still have my donation Ko-fi platform open also if you would like to support this blog/artwork. My patrons on Patreon will also get to read the webcomic before anyone else starting at the 1$ tier. They also get first dibs on requests for future art prints!



Post apocalyptic sailor jupiter!

One of my absolute favorite genres is post apocalyptic fiction. I love the idea of survival in a dystopian world.  So naturally, I am trying to make that the center of my art and I decided to create a fan art series of post apocalyptic sailor scouts. The first one I drew was sailor Jupiter. I’ve always loved her move and i wanted to try out the lightning effect.

What do you think and who would you like to see next?


Hiatus over!

So first off, I’d like to apologize for not being active on my blog. I’ve been trying to sort a lot of my goals out for my art journey and finishing up comic book commissions. I believe I’ve come up with a new plan for my art journey and where I want to go with it.

I’m still sticking with comics and illustrations. I still have a great passion for that still. I will be publishing a webcomic that will eventually turn into a graphic novel and I will post it here, so no need to search for it on other sites. The goal with that is one a week (unless I have freelance comic deadlines) and it will look like a comic page instead of a scroll down format.

I’m still working on The Seekers graphic novel and should have vol.1 ready for preorder by December. I will have the first three chapters or group of pages free to read on my blog as well.

My YouTube channel is steadily growing and I’m so grateful for that! I recently posted a video of my customizing my art table and it was so much fun. I’ll leave that down below for you guys to watch.

I’m still attending conventions and fairs and usually post about that on my Instagram, but I will be adding in a calendar widget on my blog so you can also see upcoming events. Most of the conventions will be in the midwest because that’s where I live and traveling can get really pricey.

My Etsy shop is doing really well and I just added in a new product. They are hand drawn inked bookmarks on primed canvas. They’re also pretty large (about 3×7 inches) and have a tassle on them. They are one of my favorite things I’ve made and I can’t wait to see what others have to say about it as well! They are 10$ (shipping included) and totally unique. Here is my shop so you can get one also!

I also still have my patreon and currently the only reward other than behind the scenes look, is a monthly print.

Thanks for sticking around with me guys! I really appreciate it! Cheers to more art!

My new art table!

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2 weeks left

I have 2 weeks left in my first kickstarter campaign! I went from 11% to 20% in one week but I still need your help! Raising the other 80% in 14 days really seems like a stretch, but I truly believe I can do it! I will posting images of the pins soon as an update also! Ive already started showing off the amazing stickers! I will post the prints as well once they are all packaged! Here is the link so you can help see my campaign through with me! Thanks so much for the support!



My first Kickstarter, now what?

Well, I’ve finally done it. I created a kickstarter campaign to help myself build an inventory and also make cool products for others to buy. I’ve been contemplateling this for months with so many thoughts and apprehensions. I read so many stories, both successful and not. I did mathematical research and product research and had to really evaluate what I could put out as a creator that would stand out to someone to want to buy it. So what made me finally get my butt in gear and take this chance?

Well, because I needed this risk. I needed this chance to see what I can do with where I’m at. I’ll admit, when you read kickstarter’s “all or nothing” policy, it can get to your head if you allow it. That phrased messed with me for a while. It made me think that this was it for me and if I don’t get funded, then what would I have left. But I put those irrational emotions aside and started to think logically. If this doesn’t work out, it will be okay. Its not another failure. It is a lesson though and it’s one that I’ve already started to learn from.

Creating this project with a limited following is a pretty big leap. But I believe in my artwork and in myself. I have a set goal I am trying to achieve and I will do what I need to in order to reach it. At this point,  I have 3 backers in 48 hours.  That’s huge to me and I have every bit of hope that I will reach my goal.

So for now,  I Am feeling rather confident and excited for this project.  Stay tuned for an update on whether that changes (let’s hope not).

Here’s the link so you can also check it out, pledge and help spread the word!


Drawing for over 24 hours- what I learned

Recently I decided to do a 24 hour drawing challenge. As if that wasn’t enough, I also decided to record as much of the drawing/ coloring process, leaving much of the sketching off camera. As with most challenges, lessons were learned. Such as, editing 18+ hours of footage, is no walk in the park. Hats off to independent film makers.

The first thing I learned was that when I am given the time to dedicate to art, I take it and run with it. I have a busy home life with 6 kids and educating them with my husband, it can be quite difficult to have time to follow my art path. But I do have to support from my husband, more than I can explain. Once I told him I was ready for this challenge, he helped me to plan for it, He took care of the kids the whole day (nothing new to him) and gave me the precious gift of time. So when I have dedicated time, I not only use it wisely, but I really do cherish it.

Another lesson learned is that I really should take longer with warm up drawings. I usually draw or sketch for about half an hour before starting on major projects or commissions. But I know that if I don’t take more time with  warm up drawings, I rush through real work, which can lead to mistakes and sloppiness.

Something I learned with coloring- watercolors are going to be my best bet. I love markers, I really do, and they are great for some of the work I do. But they also take a very long time to color with and can cost me more money than I am making. I have a fondest for watercolors that I need to embrace rather than put on the back burner.

Speaking of embracing, not once during this whole challenge did I allow myself to ink the drawings the way I normally like to. Heavy black ink on the shadows and lots of hatching and not quite outlining every bit of the character. Why didn’t I do this? I have no answer other than, I was too focused on just completing the challenge and not fully using it to my advantage or to develop art skills.

116_2808(example of my inking)

Lastly, I learned that I want to so badly make graphic novels. I originally wanted to use this challenge to work on my graphic novel but couldn’t because of a last minute commission I took, I talk more about that in the video. But my love for story telling and art is so strong that when I don’t get the chance to work on my story, I don’t feel as accomplished.

So that’s what I am expecting of myself from now on. More stories. More art. Only time will tell how many novels I get out in my lifetime. Maybe I get picked up my a publisher, maybe I stick with self publishing, but either way, it will be done. I will of course keep you updated on progress. So if you like adventure stories and sequential art, you’ve come to the right artist.

Thanks for coming by, you can enjoy the video below!