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InkTober Day 1- Lady Aurelia

I’ve been waiting to introduce my characters to you guys for so long! I’m so excited to have you all meet them and be part of their story! I will upload the videos here also and give a little back story to them when I do. Some of my videos won’t have voice-overs and that’s for two reasons. Time and purpose. Editing takes a long time with just video and music but adding in voice makes it harder because of mistakes and background noise, etc. And not all of my drawings this month will have a significant background story. I did sketch half of this months drawings in advance, and some of the drawings are just elements that are relevant to the main characters and don’t need any explanation.

So I hope you’ll follow my posts on a here, Instagram, twitter, and YouTube to see all the inkings! And if you’re participating in InkTober, good luck and let me know how you’re doing!

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InkTober anyone?

Its getting to be that time of year again for artists around the world to partake in a fun month long drawing challenge called ‘InkTober’. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it was started by Jake Parker as a way to improve his inking skills every day for a month. Since then, its taken off and spread all over the world connecting artists together and showcasing some very amazing work.

Last year was my first time ever hearing of it. It was last minute when I decided to participate and I didn’t make it through the month. I followed the prompts that were provided from but I found myself at a loss. Instead of using it as a way to improve my inking or just to commit to the challenge, I felt inadequate and out of my league. So I gave up when I shouldn’t have.

A year has past now and I have more confidence in my skills to successfully complete the challenge. I don’t know what my inking will look like but I know that I can take my time and do what needs to be done and keep pushing to move forward.

I plan on posting a video every day of InkTober, which is another challenge in itself but hey we’re all a little crazy from time to time! I encourage you to take part in something like this, it doesn’t have to be an art challenge, just find something to improve on. Challenge yourself for 30 days. See what your results are in the end. I bet you won’t regret it!

Here is the 2017 InkTober art supply haul I made!!


The challenge has started

[Featured image is my drawing and painting from days 2&3 from the daily challenge! Check out my Instagram for more detail on this image!]

I decided this year to make a resolution to challenge me to become a better artist. I am to draw everyday, nothing too elaborate and time consuming but a good sketch that I spend at least an hour on everyday. The goal of this has many angles to it. I want to become a better artist, I want to make sure I spend at least an hour everyday to myself doing something I enjoy, to show my kids that mommy has more ambitions than a clean house, to make my art into more than just a hobby, etc. The list really does go on because there are so many positives to taking on a 365 day drawing challenge, but I won’t bore you with every detail.

If you want to see the pictures, I post them everyday on Instagram and Facebook! I have also updated my Patreon rewards to include discount codes, tutorials, fan art, original prints, stickers and more! The rewards are for those who want to get to know me as an artist better, help the aspiring artist or just want to show their support! Make sure you check it out and spread the word to your friends!

Take a look at the menu on my site and you’ll notice more categories such as blog post, free coloring pages and a shop! The shop has my links for my coloring books and to a new account on Threadless where my designs can be printed on blankets, shirts and bags! I will add a new design every month so don’t forget to check back!

There are a lot of good things happening this year and I am to share it with you!



After the storm

This weekend hurricane Matthew struck the Bahamas,  Haiti and the USA. Late Friday night it hit southeast Georgia as a category 2. And I was home with my family during this storm.

Thankfully we are safe and sound with minimal damage to the outside.  The structure of our home is untouched.  My husband and I remained calm as much as we could because we have 5 sets of little eyes that not only watch our every move, but they mimic it, also.  All in all,  with us staying on top of the storm through reliable news network and the hurricane center, our well stocked home of supplies and enough hugs for each other, it was a hurricane that the kids won’t soon forget.

But now here we are.  Somewhat flooded back yard, fence panel broken down and two dogs that won’t stay put.  My husband and I did yard work and kept the kids busy with chores as well.  He took the kids and left in search of an opened hardware store and I went back to work.  I printed off my flower stickers for the holiday vendor fair that has started and currently getting a new youtube video together (finally).


Aren’t they pretty?! This is my first time turning my artwork into stickers and I couldn’t be happier. I am looking for more ways make my artwork more portable and practical. I still like to make original pieces for wall art, but I like people to be able to express themselves in more than just a picture on the wall.

Here is an update on the latest Instagram photos for this week:

Day 2: Noise. My child’s annoying toys inspired this drawing. I would actually prefer a real trumpet to this plastic toy kazoo.


Day 3: Collect. I love the ocean and I have lived near the ocean most of my life and collecting seashells has become a part of my life. If you don’t believe me, check out all of the shells that are in my car, home, husband’s side of the closet, etc.


Day 4: Hungry. I love this picture. Again my kids inspire my art with this. When I bake cookies (one of the few things I can actually bake), my kids love to help mix, eat the batter and devour every cookie. A couple of my kids are still short enough to just stare over the counter at the cookies. Its so cute and sometimes I make cookies just to see their cute faces watching them cool down enough for them to have one.


Day 5: Sad. I dipped into Precious Moments for inspiration for this drawing. I love their style for little kids and their art work.


Day 6&7: (feature image of this article) Hidden & Lost. So I was prepping for the hurricane on day 6 and couldn’t get to the actual drawing. So I combined it with day 7 which actually worked out pretty well. It describes a possible outcome from a natural disaster. “Hidden under a branch is a lost teddy bear weathering the storm waiting for its owner to find him.”


Day 8: Rock. I love waterfalls and remember drawing them so much when I was a kid. I can recall quite vividly drawing on the paper so hard with my pencil so the shadows were dark enough and smudging the pencil marks all over the paper. It didn’t matter to me then though. I was just happy to have a drawing of my own. Note to self: Remember younger self’s happiness with any and all artwork done.



Thank you for coming by! I will be posting my finished YouTube video soon also!








Inktober begins!

Inktober is an October challenge that Jake Parker started in 2009 as a way to challenge himself and become better as an artist. Little did he know that it would become a sensation across the internet. It is now a way for artists to share their talents with ink, rise to the challenge and of course, become better artists.

I chose to follow Jake’s challenge list posted on his site for my list this year.  The first one was ‘fast’. I instantly though of the Starship Enterprise, but as I scrolled through I started thinking of space ships and remembered one of the most exciting days of my life.

Begin flashback

I hadn’t been feeling well all day.  My head hurt, my back ached and I just wanted to read, sleep and eat all day.  These feelings were all associated with me being pregnant with our third child.  And not the first or second trimester.  That’s right, in the third trimester and less than two months to my due date.

My other two, ages 16 months and about to turn four, had been strategically taking everything out of their rooms to put into my living room all day.  Clearly if mommy couldn’t go to the fun, the fun would come to her.  They had been surviving on cereal, orange juice and goldfish crackers throughout the day and  I told them that once daddy got home, he would make a yummy dinner (something my husband enjoys doing, thankfully).

Well apparently, I lied.  At the time I didn’t know I was lying to them but as soon as husband came home, and I certainly do mean AS SOON AS HE CAME HOME, I was informed that we had to leave. He burst through the door and explained quickly that he was able to get out of work to drive to Florida to see that last shuttle launch ever. At the time, we lived on the Georgia/Florida line so it wasn’t a crazy notion.

Being as how I was moody, hungry and tired, I responded with no. I told him how I had been feeling all day and I wasn’t prepared to take on the kids for another few hours just so he could see the launch. He said he would take the kids and go so I could rest. Sounds good right? Well, it didn’t to me. Irrationally, I responded with another no and I gave him some garbage reasons but he knew why I was acting that way and didn’t really say anything. He walked away and got in the shower, got dressed and started getting the kids ready without saying another word.

I knew what he was doing and I knew what this meant to him. I got off the couch and slammed some doors, grabbed some diapers and wipes and got my shoes on. That was the end of the quiet time because when we got into the car, I complained. A LOT. And again, he didn’t really test me. He just sat there and endured my whining while trying to figure out how we would get to this launch. In between my rants, his dad called to help him with where he should go. At this time in our lives we didn’t have trusty GPS so my father in law had a map and was on the other line guiding us to the closest and best place for us to see this event.

It was getting close to 3 and he was started to get stressed. Now I wish I could tell you that back then I had patience and kindness in this moment and just gracefully said ‘honey, I’m sorry. I’m am putting you through a lot and you are just trying to do something special with us. We will get there, don’t worry.’ But I didn’t. Instead I threw it in his face and tried to make matters worse. He finally got angry and long story short, we stopped talking to each other.

He turned on an exit for Smyrna Beach, Fl and said “we are going for it.” Those aren’t words you want to hear at a time like this, but I was the queen of the cold shoulder so I responded with nothing. We drove until traffic wouldn’t let us anymore and he pulled into a bank, took our son out of the car and ran towards the bridge that had a large blinking traffic sign that read ‘do not stop on bridge’. Well that meant nothing for all the rebel drivers out there with the same thought as my husband. Once I unbuckled my daughter, I shut the door and went to open my door back up to get my shoes back on. But it was locked. Yes, I was 7 1/2 months pregnant, holding a sweet 18 month girl who smiled at everything, by my locked car and trying to figure out how I could slingshot my husband on that rocket so his astronaut dreams could come true. I did what I had to do. I took off running, barefoot, towards my husband. The thought that ran through my mind was this:

I didn’t go through all this to miss this with him.

That’s all I kept saying to myself. I was running, or wobbling quickly, to him. People were asking if I wanted a ride as I was passing them, but I kept my eyes forward. When I reached him, he grabbed our daughter and while holding both kids he said “honey, look.”

And there is was. The STS-135 launched for the final space shuttle program from Kennedy Space Station in Florida. From where we were, it was small. But the bridge went a little bit quieter. People stopped. There were sighs of amazement and wonder all around. There was my husband. Quiet and happy. Our kids just looking at the sky and not fully knowing what was going on. It was beautiful and peaceful. And when it was over, we walked back to the car and hugged each other. Apologies were said, smiles were exchanged and good conversation commenced as we headed back home.

Back to the present

So that’s what made me want to draw this. I used my Sakura Micron pens and made an ink wash with the Speedball ink I had and attempted Day 1. I think for the challenge, it came out pretty good. I would probably like to redraw it with more color for another time, so be on the look out for that. Next Sketchbook Saturday, I will have a recap of all my ‘Inktober’ drawings that I have done and most likely posted on Instagram.

Bye for now!


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