InkTober day 3&4

Here are yesterday’s and today’s upload for InkTober 2017. They are pretty much filler drawings since I’m not following a prompt list. I didn’t want to include too many drawings of scenes or characters designs because of time. I will say that after drawing out the Octopus tattoo, I want one on my arm now!

I created a playlist on my YouTube channel specifically for Inktober 2017, so if you want to just watch them in a row (highly recommended!) then head over to my YouTube channel and check it out!


Day 3 Octopus Tattoo

Day 4 Treasure Chest

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InkTober Day 1- Lady Aurelia

I’ve been waiting to introduce my characters to you guys for so long! I’m so excited to have you all meet them and be part of their story! I will upload the videos here also and give a little back story to them when I do. Some of my videos won’t have voice-overs and that’s for two reasons. Time and purpose. Editing takes a long time with just video and music but adding in voice makes it harder because of mistakes and background noise, etc. And not all of my drawings this month will have a significant background story. I did sketch half of this months drawings in advance, and some of the drawings are just elements that are relevant to the main characters and don’t need any explanation.

So I hope you’ll follow my posts on a here, Instagram, twitter, and YouTube to see all the inkings! And if you’re participating in InkTober, good luck and let me know how you’re doing!

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Free Coloring Pages

Christmas Fairy Coloring Page

I kind of wish I did this picture last week, that way more people could have more time to color and share, but better late than never right….oh the cliché! So I hope you all enjoy this picture, this may or may not be the last one of the year as far as free coloring book pages go. I know I plan on printing multiple of these off for the many Christmas parties my family and I attend in the next week! If you color one or have some kids color one, be sure to tag me on any of my social media sites! I would love to see every one’s pages!

Merry Christmas!!


I will have a YouTube video up for this later tonight. The production will take longer than the editing! (yay!)


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Catching up with life

I have to say that I am pretty good at staying on top of tasks and getting things done. I personally don’t like to procrastinate but it does seem to happen from time to time and its seems to be inadvertent when it does happen. I take on too much, I know that, and therefore in the chaos of it all, some things slip through the cracks even though everything else seems to be on point.

I.E. My blog post

I knew for a fact on last Friday that I needed to have a drawing done for this blog AND start writing. So, I started writing a new post. It’s a great one, too. I am becoming more confident in my writing and so I thought a little fictional story on my blog would be fun to share and to also draw some concept art for it. Who knows, maybe even publish it into a book one day.

Well, I started writing it at 11 pm. It’s late but not too late, but being the time it was and the depleting energy level I was experiencing, the story is not up to par. No worries there, I will just edit it in the morning, since it’s not a long introduction to the story anyway, and then I will spend a couple of hours drawing concept art for the story and post by Saturday evening and viola! Only ‘Viola!’ didn’t happen. I never edited the intro the next day and I completely forgot about sketching a character design or any concept art for that matter. I, instead, got the house cleaned, helped 3 of my 5 kids with their rooms, went on a walk, went to church, played on the trampoline, checked on the garden, helped locate our two very large dogs that escaped the house, and made a bonfire and had cocoa with my kids just before putting them to sleep and literally passing out myself.

Sunday was my husbands full day off from both of his jobs so I told him to sleep in and I will take care of breakfast. Well, I did that and a lot of the same things from the day before along with 3 hours of yard work and sawing a tree branch into multiple logs. Yes, my arms are sore. After another bonfire (we have a lot of those) we put the kids into bed, I played Tetris with  my husband, and grabbed my sketchbook. I drew a rough sketch of my main character and still didn’t edit my story intro.

Today it needs to be done. I am not one to really stress over missed things, but I don’t like delaying on my art, writing, or learning. Its really not a habit I care to get into. So I have planned out meals today and told my children that I need to get my work done. Thankfully, I have thoughtful children and when I tell them that, they usually return with ‘okay’, ‘do you need anything done’ or ‘when can I read it’. I love their encouragement for my work and they do see that from their dad, who always asks those same questions.

I did manage to get a YouTube video done so that will have to be the image you see today. This image is from another story I am writing and its actually the first story I started this year. I am excited for that book to be published as well, and I do plan on having illustrations within the story and those will take a lot longer than the writing.

Be on the look out for my story that I am posting on here ‘The next civil war’

Here is the YouTube video I managed to get up and if you like it, be sure to share with your friends! This illustration is from the first story I came up with the year ‘The royals legacy’ (title a work in progress!)

Fun For Hours coloring book- for those who enjoy a challenge for their coloring!

Stressed Out! – For those who need to let out some anger without the profanity!