Today’s cup of coffee – Too early

The night before I had not slept well at all. Constantly struggling to get comfortable with my 8 month pregnant belly and my 4 year old kept finding her way in my bed. So when I finally woke up that morning it was, of course, before everyone else woke up. I decided to get up and make breakfast for the family.

I walked downstairs and was greeted by two large dogs who were still getting the sleep from their bones. I let them outside to use the bathroom, gave them fresh water and food, and washed my hands. I looked in the fridge to see what I could make quickly and enough of so I didn’t have to spend my first 2 hours of my day cooking for ever growing hungry children. I decided the 3 dozen eggs I had would suffice for cheesy scrabbled eggs.

I grabbed the non stick pan, butter, cheese and eggs and got to cooking. Once the butter began to melt I started cracking the eggs. I got about three eggs in when I realized that the 4th and 5th eggs were in the trash and the shells were in the pan. Normal and more aware people would scoop out the shells and continue on with cooking. Not me. I stared at the pan for an unnecessary amount of time before turning the stove off and moving the pan off the burner.

Wishing my husband were awake to brew the coffee, I walked to the coffee pot and made it myself (poor poor me). I poured myself a nice hot cup of caramel flavored coffee and finished it before addressing the problem in the pan.

For your own piece of mind, I did get all the shells out of the pan and proceeded to make a successful breakfast before someone came downstairs.

For this comic I decided to make a video of me coloring the comic page

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The anti-swear word coloring book

You know those coloring books that are full of profanity and flowers? They are pretty popular right now in the adult coloring book world. As much fun as it is to color a swear word that is flawlessly decorated in pretty decorations, it’s not so fun to color it with the innocent eyes of my children sounding the words out and then listening to their sweet voice utter such ‘sailor- like’ language. So I decided to do a twist on those books and create the ‘anti-swear word’ coloring book for those who of us that need to get some anger out in a less vulgar way!

This book contains over 20 hand drawn pages with phrases like ‘Shiitake Mushroom’ ‘Blast’ ‘Shut the front door’ ‘Aww nuts’ ‘Mother Father’ and more! Each page has different fonts and creative backgrounds!

Get your copy today on Amazon or directly from my Createspace store!


The taste of foot in mouth

You know that phrase ‘Look before your leap’? If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a word of caution. Don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t make accusations before knowing the facts. Don’t dive head first into something. Don’t make assumptions. You know….the good advice that I just didn’t follow this time to the guy with the toothy smile at the store.

(Scene: I’m in the grocery store in a military town to shop for exactly two items. Orange juice and medicine. Disclosure- I have made my hair in the comic so much cuter than it was in real life. Otherwise, it would look something close to a lion’s mane. )

Man: Um, hey, excuse me.

Me: (without looking at him) I’m married.

Man: (Slight pause) Do you think that you are pretty enough where any guy that approaches you automatically wants to hit on you.

Me: (Instant eye contact) No! But am I not surrounded by a bunch of soldiers and sailors by coming to this store?

Man: I’ll give you that.

Me: Okay then (Yay! Victory! Got ya pal!)

Man: I’ll also tell you that the top of your foot is bleeding.

Me: (Looking down.) Just great

Man: (Walking away now with a smile and hint of laughter) You have a nice night!

The blood was caused by yet another bit of sound advice that I didn’t follow, ‘Don’t scratch a bug bite’ (apparently I was feeling rebellious that day). I had stood there using my other shoe to scratch my bites. Given that I live in what can only be compared to a breeding ground for all insects with vampire like characteristics, it’s a wonder I didn’t cause a gash in my leg from consistent scratching.

So that was fun. Not a very eventful encounter with a stranger but considering its duration, there was enough humor in it that made it worthy of sharing. Maybe if I had been a bit theatrical when seeing the blood, maybe I could’ve had the last laugh.



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