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Recently I found my sketchbook from last year and started thumbing through it. I came across some old character drawings I did and thought it would really fun to do the ‘Draw this again’ challenge where you take an old drawing and redo it to see the difference in your skill or just to make some changes. The character I chose was one I created when I first got my markers but instead of using markers again, I chose to use watercolor and ink (a technique I love to use).

I decided to film this challenge for my YouTube channel. I also used a much larger paper because I have always preferred to draw bigger and sketch smaller. I charged my very old camera, about a 10 year old by the way, and started recording. I was able to get a the base of the picture and the inking done before it died. Usually, I can predict when it will die so I can stop the drawing and charge it up again. But, from what I can assume, the battery is nearing its end in general so it died before I could realize it, thus sending my pregnant and emotional self spiraling down in a pit of anger.

(Side note- This kind of frustration, that happens more often than it should, could easily be avoided if I just upgraded my camera equipment. This is something I am working towards.)

Through low angry rumblings under my breath, kids giggling at me while I try not to throw the camera through the window, I plug in my camera to the charger and sit and stew in front of my unfinished piece, staring at it, feeling as though I won’t finish. I hear a small thud on my table and I look over to see a fresh cup of coffee and my husband just setting it down and walking away quietly, as to not further irritate his dragon of a wife.

The smell overcame me. I grabbed the cup and took a long sip. It was so refreshing on so many levels. Thankfully, I started to ease up and take a few extra deep breaths. I looked out of the window and saw that my husband went on the back porch to lay out and converse with the kids. My full on irritability had turned into a mild annoyance and I got up and went to sit and talk with everybody. After all, what was staring at an unfinished piece of artwork work and watching a slow blinking blue light on a dying camera going to do for me?

I was able to pull it off the charger and finish recording the last little bit I had left. If you want to take a look, watch below or visit my channel to see that and other drawing challenges. And remember, while you are watching it, that a simple cup of coffee and gesture of love helped to finish that art piece. 🙂

Wildflowers coloring page

Its been a while since I posted a coloring page for you all! I was researching some DIY homeschool planner ideas and saw that some people have a unique cover or random inspirational pages throughout the book! And of course, I wanted to make my own and thought it would be really neat if I made it into a free coloring page for you to print off and fill in your own quote if you wish!

If you do print off and color tag me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter so I can see your coloring skills!

Click here to print your page! —>wildflowers

Check out the inking process and watercolor demo

Inktober begins!

Inktober is an October challenge that Jake Parker started in 2009 as a way to challenge himself and become better as an artist. Little did he know that it would become a sensation across the internet. It is now a way for artists to share their talents with ink, rise to the challenge and of course, become better artists.

I chose to follow Jake’s challenge list posted on his site for my list this year.  The first one was ‘fast’. I instantly though of the Starship Enterprise, but as I scrolled through I started thinking of space ships and remembered one of the most exciting days of my life.

Begin flashback

I hadn’t been feeling well all day.  My head hurt, my back ached and I just wanted to read, sleep and eat all day.  These feelings were all associated with me being pregnant with our third child.  And not the first or second trimester.  That’s right, in the third trimester and less than two months to my due date.

My other two, ages 16 months and about to turn four, had been strategically taking everything out of their rooms to put into my living room all day.  Clearly if mommy couldn’t go to the fun, the fun would come to her.  They had been surviving on cereal, orange juice and goldfish crackers throughout the day and  I told them that once daddy got home, he would make a yummy dinner (something my husband enjoys doing, thankfully).

Well apparently, I lied.  At the time I didn’t know I was lying to them but as soon as husband came home, and I certainly do mean AS SOON AS HE CAME HOME, I was informed that we had to leave. He burst through the door and explained quickly that he was able to get out of work to drive to Florida to see that last shuttle launch ever. At the time, we lived on the Georgia/Florida line so it wasn’t a crazy notion.

Being as how I was moody, hungry and tired, I responded with no. I told him how I had been feeling all day and I wasn’t prepared to take on the kids for another few hours just so he could see the launch. He said he would take the kids and go so I could rest. Sounds good right? Well, it didn’t to me. Irrationally, I responded with another no and I gave him some garbage reasons but he knew why I was acting that way and didn’t really say anything. He walked away and got in the shower, got dressed and started getting the kids ready without saying another word.

I knew what he was doing and I knew what this meant to him. I got off the couch and slammed some doors, grabbed some diapers and wipes and got my shoes on. That was the end of the quiet time because when we got into the car, I complained. A LOT. And again, he didn’t really test me. He just sat there and endured my whining while trying to figure out how we would get to this launch. In between my rants, his dad called to help him with where he should go. At this time in our lives we didn’t have trusty GPS so my father in law had a map and was on the other line guiding us to the closest and best place for us to see this event.

It was getting close to 3 and he was started to get stressed. Now I wish I could tell you that back then I had patience and kindness in this moment and just gracefully said ‘honey, I’m sorry. I’m am putting you through a lot and you are just trying to do something special with us. We will get there, don’t worry.’ But I didn’t. Instead I threw it in his face and tried to make matters worse. He finally got angry and long story short, we stopped talking to each other.

He turned on an exit for Smyrna Beach, Fl and said “we are going for it.” Those aren’t words you want to hear at a time like this, but I was the queen of the cold shoulder so I responded with nothing. We drove until traffic wouldn’t let us anymore and he pulled into a bank, took our son out of the car and ran towards the bridge that had a large blinking traffic sign that read ‘do not stop on bridge’. Well that meant nothing for all the rebel drivers out there with the same thought as my husband. Once I unbuckled my daughter, I shut the door and went to open my door back up to get my shoes back on. But it was locked. Yes, I was 7 1/2 months pregnant, holding a sweet 18 month girl who smiled at everything, by my locked car and trying to figure out how I could slingshot my husband on that rocket so his astronaut dreams could come true. I did what I had to do. I took off running, barefoot, towards my husband. The thought that ran through my mind was this:

I didn’t go through all this to miss this with him.

That’s all I kept saying to myself. I was running, or wobbling quickly, to him. People were asking if I wanted a ride as I was passing them, but I kept my eyes forward. When I reached him, he grabbed our daughter and while holding both kids he said “honey, look.”

And there is was. The STS-135 launched for the final space shuttle program from Kennedy Space Station in Florida. From where we were, it was small. But the bridge went a little bit quieter. People stopped. There were sighs of amazement and wonder all around. There was my husband. Quiet and happy. Our kids just looking at the sky and not fully knowing what was going on. It was beautiful and peaceful. And when it was over, we walked back to the car and hugged each other. Apologies were said, smiles were exchanged and good conversation commenced as we headed back home.

Back to the present

So that’s what made me want to draw this. I used my Sakura Micron pens and made an ink wash with the Speedball ink I had and attempted Day 1. I think for the challenge, it came out pretty good. I would probably like to redraw it with more color for another time, so be on the look out for that. Next Sketchbook Saturday, I will have a recap of all my ‘Inktober’ drawings that I have done and most likely posted on Instagram.

Bye for now!


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To ink or not to ink….

So I am planning to post every Saturday for Sketchbook Saturdays. I’m sure a rogue post during the week will arise once in a while, but for but not I will post on Saturdays! So put that in your phone calendar and set an alarm!

Currently I am working on a character series not just for a new print book but for videos on Youtube. My channel is currently under construction because the channel didn’t portray me an illustrator like I want. It was more of a portrait artist. While I do enjoy drawing portraits in different mediums, I want to be an illustrator. And the only way to be seen and get better at illustrating is to ……practice illustrations. This may seem like common sense, and it is, but I am going to blame it on ‘mommy brain’ and say I really was just wanting to draw anything I could think of.

So I am practicing some techniques for illustrations. As you can see, the image on the far right is the original sketch. I used a red color pencil instead of a pencil because graphite can mess with the watercolors and ink.

The middle image is watercolor outlined in color pencils. Each area is outlined with a colored pencil a shade or two darker than the paint. This gives the illustration a more vibrant look without the hard lines of ink.

The left image is watercolor with ink. There is more of a comic book look to using this technique but this is the technique I am more used too and have more practice with.

So my question is this, which one is your favorite? If I had to choose, I couldn’t. To be totally honest. I just like the benefits and the feeling of both.


Saturday Sketchbook

I would like to say that Saturday Sketchbook is going to be a regular addition to my schedule now. But I would hate to promise something and then take it back. So for now, let’s just say that I will strive to make Saturdays a day of show and tell in my sketchbook.

This drawing has no reference or real meaning. It’s a way for me to practice my watercolor and ink. I would like to really establish a certain style for my illustrations. I have a tendency to mix a lot of styles up which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But I would like to have a solid foundation for my illustrations.

So that’s really it for today. Nothing too much, just felt like sharing. Now I must go to sleep so I am not late for church in the morning.


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Etsy Shop opened!

In addition to taking advice on starting a blog, I have also taken the advice of starting an Etsy shop for my coloring book images. (If you can’t tell, I can be stubborn. I am working on that.)

The images that are uploaded are also in the process or already made into (depends on the time you are reading this) a coloring that will be sold on my etsy shop as well as online.

This is just the beginning my friend! I have lots of goals and projects and God willing, I will continue to produce awesome and wonderful pictures for you to enjoy!

So please be sure to stop my shop and take a look around. Even if you don’t buy anything, I would appreciate some feedback!