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RIP Camera (you annoying piece of….)

So I decided it would be a great idea to record today’s YouTube video this morning. I am fully aware of my equipment’s age and lag, not to mention the new slower speed of WIFI I now have in my thanks for being in the middle of farm lands. Even with all of that plus set up time for the camera and art supplies needed for the video, I still thought to myself, ‘what the heck’. Well, that’s just what I got. Heck.

Not only did it take me forever to get the makeshift tripod to stabilize, I also had a time with the paints. Once I got through that, I took my literal 10 year old digital camera off the charger and began recording. It took me roughly 2 hours to complete the painting, I sketched it out the night before to save me time, and I took a look at my camera. I noticed the battery was already dying so I saved the file and put it on the charger for 30 minutes.

I went back to take a look at the camera and use it one more time to film the end result painting and right before eyes are the words ‘corrupted file error’. What in the world am I supposed to do with that. And I even put the memory card into my computer and nothing showed up. Nothing. I was told to reformat my card, meaning that everything on it needs to be deleted.

Oh I know what you are thinking, my husband probably saved the day with a cup of coffee for me and what you are about to see i another ‘Cup of Coffee for today‘ comic.  But that didn’t happen either. He was busy being super dad outside with the kids after making their lunch.

I am not going to lie, I felt terrible. Utterly disappointed. I couldn’t believe it was happening and I really just wanted to cry. The picture came out nicely, which I posted below, but I have been working my butt off to keep up with a YouTube posting and it just wasn’t the time for it. Of course, when is there a really good time for everything to simply fall into the toilet?

So now I am working on my kickstarter campaign a little bit faster to help me with a project I have and to get some extra money for better equipment. I will post all of the details for it when its nice and polished! In the mean time, enjoy today’s beautiful painting that had a botched video recording!


Maybe I should just go and color in my own coloring book!


Self Promoting Journey (plus TIPS!)

(Does anyone know where the image reference is from? I love that meme so I when I thought of this post, I figured that would be a good drawing! Share this with your friends to see if they get the reference)

On November 11th I made a pact with myself that I would promote my blog, channel, Instagram, facebook, coloring books, writing, nearly everything I have been working on at home for at least 20 minutes a day for a whole year. Not only is this a great challenge for me, but its a way for me to get in the habit of staying on top of my work from home.

I can say that for the last 3 weeks, I have been successful in building a bigger audience and making a little more money in my sales. I still have a long way to go, but I want to go ahead and give you a run down of what I have done and hopefully, if you are trying to find ways to build your business and marketing, then these tips can help. Or maybe they can encourage you to keep moving forward with your business and to know that your hard work will pay off (one day).

First my Instagram grew by over 100 followers. I was tempted to use those apps that allow you to like or follow other people and they do the same with your account. Seemed simple enough. But the thing is with those apps and programs, they aren’t genuine. Nobody actually cares about what you are putting out there or what you are selling. So how are those numbers mattering in any way? They don’t. If you want just numbers, then go for it. I heard it really works and it doesn’t take a whole lot of time. But to make money, you’ll need more than just numbers.

Since my Instagram is artwork and business related, I needed to network like a business, not a machine. I utilized hashtags all related to my artwork. If my drawing had a girl with blue hair, I would use #art #bluehair #blue, etc. Why? Because its all related to my picture in some way and like I have said before, there is an audience for everything out there. Then I would click on the hashtags that I used and go through other people’s post with the same. I would like and comment on pictures I actually liked or I would mention my artwork. I kept doing this and eventually I had people following and liking my posts.

My blog and YouTube grew by 10- 15 followers each in 3 weeks. To me, that’s huge. I applied the same method I did to Instagram to my blog and YouTube channel. Networking on these two platforms take more time and brain power honestly. I don’t like to just click ‘like’ on everything I come across or comment with ‘Nice’ ‘Interesting’ ‘Way to go’, because I want to show that I care about what other people are saying and doing. So honestly, if I don’t have the actual time or energy to invest into reading blogs and watching videos, then I just stick with Instagram.

Growing a good audience on a blog or a YouTube channel is really competitive now a days. Literally anyone that has a computer can do either of these two and post whatever they like. I make art videos and you know how many other artists are out there that are doing the exact same thing? A lot. So many great artists and we are all fighting to share our work with everyone. Same thing with a blog. Anyone can just write about how they feel on the internet and click post. But how does that relate to an audience? Who are you targeting? What’s the purpose of your videos and posts? These are important aspects of using these two platforms and will help you figure who to go for to network.

My Twitter feed has not done that well. I have gotten about 10 followers on there, but there isn’t a lot of interaction. I have the numbers but not so much the communication. Which is okay. I am not that active on there unless something is shared from another site or media outlet. If that were my only form of networking, I’d be a little discouraged. So for now, I can handle just the numbers until I find a way to work in networking on Twitter.

So I had to choose what I actually wanted for my business. Is it easier to work my blog? My YouTube Channel? A social media outlet? Should I network more than one? What kind I realistically do to manage my time? These are all questions I asked myself when I set my ‘year of networking’ goal. They weren’t easy and I had to do a bit of thinking to really get a feel of what I needed and I had to come up with a good plan to start with.

I hope you see what I have been doing to make more of an impression with my business and maybe these simple tips can help you also. I am not a professional marketer. Even if my husband is a natural born networker and can literally talk to anyone about anything, I am not good at it. And asking him to take on a third job of networking for me, isn’t on my agenda. This post is just about what I have been doing on my own and how/if it has helped me. If you have any special tricks you do, share them with in the comments below!

Happy Small Business Saturday!

Fun For Hours coloring book- for those who enjoy a challenge for their coloring!

Stressed Out! – For those who need to let out some anger without the profanity!




Japanese character design

I posted another video in my ‘people around the world’ series on YouTube.  This time I used the Japanese traditional clothing for my inspiration.  I really love that culture and loved in Japan for some time when I was younger.  I adore the elegance of the clothing and how is always beautifully made.  I added the link below so you can watch also.


Free Coloring Pages

Emoji Coloring Page

So today’s free coloring page download has the ever popular emoji faces! My kids really like them, even though none of them possess a phone, so I thought it would be fun for me to draw a coloring book page with them! If you decide to color one, tag me in it on any of my social media sites!

—>Emoji coloring page




Don’t forget to watch the color demo on YouTube!


The pressure is off!

So as you know, I took up the inktober challenge this month and have been doing updates on the inking and other pieces of artwork that I have. Well, I stopped with the daily challenge. And to be honest, I don’t regret it at all.

With 5 kids, post hurricane clean up, squeezing in moments with my husband in between his two jobs and my schedule, a daily challenge wasn’t exactly on the top of my priority list. When I started it, I wanted to use it as a way for me to stick with my art and to keep at it and I can confidently say that it served its purpose. Not to say that I have miraculously become a better illustrator, person, wife, and mother that I could become in less than two weeks, but I have seen things in a different perspective and was kind of thrown into a better life for it.

There is much to this post today. I am in the middle of a second coloring book and its going to be a blast! So this is short, yes, but you taking time to read it has made my day!

Take care sweet readers.

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The flowers are the last set of the flower sticker pack I have for the fall festivals this year. Once all the chaos has died down a bit, I will be adding them to my shop!






Saturday Sketchbook

I would like to say that Saturday Sketchbook is going to be a regular addition to my schedule now. But I would hate to promise something and then take it back. So for now, let’s just say that I will strive to make Saturdays a day of show and tell in my sketchbook.

This drawing has no reference or real meaning. It’s a way for me to practice my watercolor and ink. I would like to really establish a certain style for my illustrations. I have a tendency to mix a lot of styles up which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But I would like to have a solid foundation for my illustrations.

So that’s really it for today. Nothing too much, just felt like sharing. Now I must go to sleep so I am not late for church in the morning.


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Precious Moments

Does anyone read the Precious Moments stories anymore? Or color in the coloring books? I know it’s been a long time for me up until the day my husband came home from volunteering at the Salvation Army and handed me the Precious Moments ‘Bible Stories’ and Precious Moments ‘Bedtime Stories’, among other things. I couldn’t believe that he had them in his hand and I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten about those stories.

I used to practice drawing the characters from the stories and the coloring books as a kid. They, Sailor Moon, Mario, Pokémon, Lisa Frank and waterfall scenes dominated my drawing books for a good 4 years of my childhood. If only I had the sense to save them. But since I don’t have a past drawing, I decided to use my experience and wisdom up to this point in my life and draw a new one using watercolor and ink.

This drawing is from the chapter in the ‘Bible Stories’ called ‘Stories of Humility’. I was particularly drawn to this one because I always feel that I am not humble enough or practice enough humility. I believe it’s an important virtue and like any other virtue, it is acquired with experience and time.



Want to see behind the scenes pictures to my YouTube videos? Check out my Patreon site and become a patron with a monthly donation and have exclusive looks to my drawings, drawing that are not published on my blog and more!